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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

SAP Kernel Programs - the most interesting ones ... (dw, tp, r3trans, sapinst, r3load, r3setup, ...)

This website gives an overview on the most often used, needed and patched SAP Executables, so that you can get an overview where they are used for and how to update them.

This list is still growing and especially the content for each executable is still growing. Therefore, you will not find links (and further descriptions) for all of the executables.
But, YOUR input is highly welcome and we will publish this as soon as possible - even with your name, if you are interested. Please let us know on your input via the Feedback Area.

List of interesting SAP Executables in alphabetical order:

  • car - The Compression Tool of SAP for nearly all delivered files and executables. CAR is the name for old releases and the SAPCAR is the name as of 4.6D. It works a bit similar to WinZip.

  • dipgntab - Activation and adjustment of the nametabs with the ABAP Dictionary.

  • dw - disp+work - "Dispatcher & Workprocess" - "The complete Kernel" - Here the complete ABAP is processed ...

  • niping - Small Client and Server in order to test the saprouter internally with the NI-Protocol (SAP Network Interface).

  • lib_dbsl - The Database-Shared Library for the kernel programs (as of 4.5A).

  • librfc - The RFC (Remote Function Call) Library, that is available for any platform to develop and run a RFC Server or RFC Client.

  • ntscmgr.exe - ntscmgr - the tool for installing the SAProuter as service. It is part of every Windows SAP Kernel. As it has no known errors, it is not necessary, to patch it. Just use ntscmgr.exe from your existing windows kernel.

  • r3check - This is a tool, that can Cluster-Tables for errors.

  • r3ldctl - The tool for exporting all table structures to the file system during a OS/DB-Migration.

  • r3load - The table import & export tool of SAP during Installation, Upgrade and Migration.

  • r3setup - The Installation (and Migration) Tool for all SAP systems up to Release 6.10.

  • r3szchk - The tool for determing the sizes of the different tables in the target database during the import in an OS/DB-Migration.

  • r3trans - This is the tool, that does the real work for tp. tp controls the import and export of changes and r3trans does them using scripts, that were generated from tp.

  • r3up - The tool that controls the Upgrade (Moving to higher SAP Releases) of an SAP System.

  • rfcexec - The tool to start other programs from within SAP (ABAP) on the OS level via the gateway on any other (or the same) server.

  • rfcoscol - Similar to saposcol. It is needed, when no SAP instance is running on the Database Server.

  • sapcar - The Compression Tool of SAP for nearly all delivered files and executables. It works a bit similar to WinZip.

  • sapevt - This program is able to trigger events within the SAP system. The tp tool uses this feature. It can be used as trigger for self-written interfaces as well.

  • sapftp - FTP Client, that can be used from within the SAP system (from ABAP) to communicate with other FTP servers.

  • saphttp - HTTP Client, that can be used from within the SAP system (from ABAP) to communicate with other HTTP servers - e.g. for interfaces.

  • sapinst - The Installation (and Migration) Tool for all SAP systems as of Release 6.20.

  • saplicense - The Tool for the installation of a new SAP License. This is needed when the license expires e.g. because of a hardware change.

  • saposcol - The SAP Interface to the Operating System for Performance Data. The Operating System Collector collects CPU Usage, Disk Performance, Paging etc.

  • sappad - Very nice & small Editor a lot better than notepad. It handles LF and CR/LF correctly as well.

  • sappfpar - This tool can be used for checking the profiles after changes and before restarting the SAP system.

  • saprouter - The program for the Router Connection from customers to SAP and vice versa.

  • sapxpg - The tool for starting OS commands from within SAP Systems.

  • sapwebdisp - The SAP Web dispatcher is used for load balancing for an setting up an SAP Internet scenario. It is the only application, that needs to be located in the DMZ. Everything "behind" this can (and should) be located in your intranet. So, only one port on one IP adress needs to be opened to internet and the SAP Web dispatcher can handle the traffic with the different SAP instances.

  • startrfc - The tool is a very easy SAP command line interface to start all of the implemented function modules of SAP systems.

  • tp - "The" Transport Tool. This program coordinates the complete import and export of program and table changes made within the SAP system in order to transport them through the complete System Landscape.

  • complete kernel - Here you can see an overview of all 6.20 Kernel programs. This overview is created from Windows with MaxDB.

(If you should miss some, please let us know via the Feedback Area.)

You can download the latest version of all the SAP Executables in the SAP Service Marketplace. As the binaries are different for each platform, you should have a look at the following link:
Download Kernel Patches on the SAP Service Marketplace

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