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SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) SAP Message Paste - cut&paste your memos to SAP OSS very easy into the short OSS fields

Text pad converter to insert line-break suited for SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS, Online Service System) memos.
This tool helps you making your texts fit into the short 72 column lines of the SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS). Here, the necessary CR & LFs are inserted automatically after 71 columns. Therefore, the long text you are having, can be cut & paste into the SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) System in one single step without the need to do this line by line.

This tool really helps alot when using the SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) - it especially reduces the effort and time for you to work with the SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) messages. So, really have fun with this great tool!

If you want to bookmark this page, you should use the following link:
(The advantage is, that ONLY the desired message conversion textboxes without the frames and headers are displayed)

step 1: Copy your text here ( right-click -> paste ):
step 2: choose a conversion button
step 3: right click-> select all
step 4: right click-> copy... and paste it into the SAPNet R/3 Frontend (OSS) !

Developed by Philippe Weltz, SAP France

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