..          INFOAS4 5050 0000 II13337 2924 R02M00    0005
*** Last Updated 18 Apr 2007 ***

VRM = 520

Information APAR II13337

VRM = 520
**************PLEASE READ CAREFULLY****************
*** Last Updated 18 Apr 2007 ***
SAP customers are reminded to follow the recommended memory
sizing guidelines.   Current guidelines recommend a minimum of
2GB per processor on Power4 and older hardware; or 6GB per
processor on Power5 hardware when running a single SAP instance.
at least 1-2GB of additional memory per instance is needed when
running multiple instances in a partition.  Field and lab
experience shows that a failure to follow these guidelines
brings a significant risk of degradation or inconsistency in
performance as new fixes and releases are installed.   It is
suggested to recheck your memroy and CPU requirements when
changing the SAP application release or eadding workload to the
existing system.
**************PLEASE READ CAREFULLY****************
If you are upgrading to V5R2, please load the following ptfs,
and then follow the directions in OSS notes 444524, 705888 and
Reminder - when installing in new LPP's or 5722SS1 options,
re-install PTFs.
Customer is required to load at a minimum CUM C6080520
and the following PTF's:
SF99502 DB Fix Pack, Order SF99502. The DB fixpack, SF99502
 is required. The current fix pack date is 10/25/2006.
 Do a WRKPTFGRP SF99502 and this will show you the level
 of the installed Group PTF SF99502. The current DB fix
 pack level is 24.
SF99519 Hiper Fix Pack, Order SF99519. The current fix pack date
 is 04/03/2007 and the level is 188. Hiper fixpack is updated
 every other Tuesday of the month, and info APAR may not reflect
 the most current level.
  Note:  These PTF's are for the IBM Toolbox and are ONLY
  needed if you are running SAP Basis Release 6.20
   Note:  These PTF's are for the IBM Toolbox and are ONLY
   needed if you are running SAP basis release 6.20

SF99169 Java Fix Pack, Order SF99169. The JDK fixpack, SF99169
 is required. The current fix pack date is 12/12/2006.
 Do a WRKPTFGRP SF99169 and this will show you the level
 of the installed Group PTF SF99169. The current JDK fix
 pack level is 26.

   Note:  This PTF is only relevant for customers with
          Windows application servers.
Note: The PRPQ 5799FWQ for Optimover is no longer supported
at V5R2.  You will have to purchase the licensed program
product 5722SS1 option 23 for Opticonnect if you wish to
use Opticonnect at V5R2.
_*_*_*_*_*_*_* R/3 TOOLS NOTICE *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*
TOOLS for V5R2
The tools listed below may be used when running SAP R/3 on the
iSeries 400.Unless you are installing SAP on V5R2 for the first
time, you likely already have these tools in library QGPTOOLS
and no action is necessary.  If they do not exist, you must
download the cover letter for PTF SI05199 and follow the
instructions for creating the tools.
The following programs are included in the PTF
        DSPSTMF               Display Stream File
        SQLUTIL                 SQL Utility
NOTE:  The RCLSPACE tool is no longer available.  Use the
OS/400 command RGZPFM to free storage consumed by deleted
*_*_*_*_* XDA Database Client for Microsoft Windows NT *_*_*_*
When using Windows NT SAP application servers to connect to
iSeries database servers, client software is required. This
client software is installed with iSeries Access (previously
known as Client Access). Updates are installed during service
pack updates of iSeries access; but the XDA database client may
be changed more frequently. The latest version of the client
is always available at:
        The downloaded file should be placed and
        run in a temporary directory - this will
        extract a number of files. The qxdaedrs.dll
        from this location should be copied to the
        WINNT\system32 directory on the application
        ==> The current XDA version is:
The version of the XDA client can be determined by finding
qxdaedrs.dll in the WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory on the
application server using windows explorer, right mouse
clicking, selecting properties, and viewing the version
property page.
Both the client and server in XDA 3-tier environments should be
at the same XDA PTF level.
*_*_*_*_*             JTOpen Information               *_*_*_*
JTOpen is the open source version of the IBM Toolbox for Java
Licensed Program Product (LPP). It is the fast-path mechanism
to get fixes and enhancements to customers without waiting for
possible PTFs or release boundaries. Thus, the JTOpen offering
is always at the most current level of fixes and function, and
should be used when running SAP Basis release 6.20 or higher.
In order to run SAP Basis release 6.20 or higher you need a
minimum level of JTOpen 4.6. To verify the installed version
on your system, open JT400.jar with an archive utility and
display Copyright.class with an ASCII editor.
To locate the jt400.jar file on your iSeries, refer to the
"SAP Web Application Server 6.30 on iSeries" (or later)
The latest version of JTOpen can be obtained by downloading
from the JTOpen website found at
Unzip the downloaded JTOpen_#_#.jar file.  The jt400.jar
file will be located in the subdirectory /.../lib/jt400.jar.
Do a file transfer (e.g.FTP) of this jt400.jar file to
an iSeries directory. It is recommended to transfer this file
to a different location than the current Toolbox code.
See the SAP documentation specified above.