..          INFOAS4 5050 0000 II12833 2924 R01M00    0005
*** Last Updated 08 Jul 2005 ***

VRM = 510

Information APAR II12833

************PLEASE READ CAREFULLY***********************
If you are upgrading to V5R1, please load the following ptfs,
then follow OSS notes 444524 and 392165 before attempting to
start the application.
Customer is required to load at a minimum CUM C4300510
and the following PTF's:
SI10285 DB Fix Pack (this is a marker PTF, order SF99501)
 This marker is installed when you have the latest DB fix
 pack installed.  The DB fixpack, SF99501, is required.  The
 current fix pack date is 11/2/2004.  (DB fix pack #13)
 Note:  These PTF's are for the IBM Toolbox and are ONLY
 needed if you are running SAP Basis Release 6.20
  Note:  These PTF's are for the IBM Toolbox and are ONLY
  needed if you are running SAP basis release 6.20
SI15342 - Java Fix Pack (this is a marker PTF, order
 SF99069). This marker PTF is installed when you have
 the latest Java Developer Kit (JDK) fix pack installed.
 The JDK fixpack, SF99069 is required. The current fix
 pack date is 06/24/2004.  (JDK fix pack #25)
 Note: This PRPQ is available as of V5R1.  It is not required
 for running any of the SAP applications.  It is recommended
 to all customers because it is useful in disaster recovery
 situations when you would normally use the APYJRNCHG command.
 Note: The PRPQ 5799FWQ for Optimover is no longer supported
 at V5R1.  You will have to purchase the licensed program
 product 5722SS1 option 23 for Opticonnect if you wish to
 use Opticonnect at V5R1.
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                future reference.
 _*_*_*_*_*_*_* R/3 TOOLS NOTICE *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*
 TOOLS for V5R1
 The tools listed below may be used when running SAP R/3 on the
 iSeries 400.Unless you are installing SAP on V5R1 for the firs
 time, you likely already have these tools in library QGPTOOLS
 and no action is necessary.  If they do not exist, you must
 download the cover letter for PTF SI01001 and follow the
 instructions for creating the tools.
 The following programs are included in the PTF
         DSPSTMF               Display Stream File
         SQLUTIL                 SQL Utility
 NOTE:  The RCLSPACE tool is no longer available.  Use the
 OS/400 command RGZPFM to free storage consumed by deleted
*_*_*_*_* XDA Database Client for Microsoft Windows NT *_*_*_*
When using Windows NT SAP application servers to connect to
iSeries database servers, client software is required. This
client software is installed with iSeries Access (previously
known as Client Access). Updates are installed during service
pack updates of iSeries access; but the XDA database client may
be changed more frequently. The latest version of the client
is always available at:
        The downloaded file should be placed and
        run in a temporary directory - this will
        extract a number of files. The qxdaedrs.dll
        from this location should be copied to the
        WINNT\system32 directory on the application
        ==> The current XDA version is:
The version of the XDA client can be determined by finding
qxdaedrs.dll in the WINNT\SYSTEM32 directory on the
application server using windows explorer, right mouse
clicking, selecting properties, and viewing the version
property page.