..          INFOAS4 5050 0000 II11832 2924 R04M00    0004
*** Last Updated 05/30/01 ***

VRM = 440


IAV = 1
Customer is required to load at a minimum CUM C1072440
and the following PTF's:

SF65294 DB Fix Pack (this is a marker PTF, order PTF SF99104)
 This marker is installed when you have the latest DB Fix pack
 installed.  The DB Fix pack, SF99104, is required.  The
 current fix pack date is 02/23/00. (DB Fix Pack #14)


SF50277 - for opti-mover 5799FWQ (only needed for 3-tier config)
SF47068 - for opti-mover 5799FWQ (only needed for 3-tier config)
 Note: This PRPQ is at Release V3R7 but is compatible with all
      current OS/400 Releases.

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_*_*_*_*_*_*_* R/3 TOOLS NOTICE *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_
TOOLS for V4R4
The tools listed below may be used when running SAP R/3 on the
AS/400.  Unless you are installing SAP on V4R4 for the first
time, you likely already have these tools in library QGPTOOLS
and no action is necessary.  If they do not exist, you must
download the cover letter for PTF SF55871 and follow the
instructions for creating the tools.

The following programs are included in the PTF
        DSPSTMF               Display Stream File
        RCLSPACE                Reclaim Space
        SQLUTIL                 SQL Utility

NOTE:  A problem has been identified with the RCLSPACE tool that
could result in data loss and system errors.  Any customer using
the RCLSPACE tool available via QUSRTOOLS, IBM PTF SF41518, or
the 'SAP Implementation for AS/400' Redbook CD, should take the
following action.  If you use this tool you should immediately
download the latest version from the internet site:
to ensure you have a version of this tool which has been