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Easy Service Marketplace Why this website ?

ECC 6.0 Maintenance Extension up to 2020

SAP offers to all customers running ECC 6.0 with or without enhancement packs (and the other major parts of "SAP Business Suite 7") a free maintenance extension of 5 further years up to 2020.
So, ECC 6 or ERP 6 is in the Standard Maintenance up to 2020. As this product got released in 2005, this means, that SAP really maintains this product for 15 years!

This will be announced on SAPPHIRE @ Madrid.

This is really a great story for all customers on all Enhancement Pack levels of ERP 6.0x. Even ECC 6.00 without any enhancement pack with Basis 7.00 will be extended that far.

Congratulations to SAP to this really very customer friendly decision ;-)))

back 08/15/2018, 20:26:23